BIG TIME RUSH Cast – Then vs Now (2021)

This video is about the cast of Nickelodeon show Big Time Rush.

It is meant to report on how the stars of the show have grown over the years – then vs now, and educate on the show’s characters.

Big Time Rush aired on Nickelodeon from 2009 to 2013. The show focused on the Hollywood misadventures of four hockey players after they are selected to form a boy band, Big Time Rush.

The stars of the show were simultaneously signed to a record deal with Columbia/Epic Label Group, and would go on to release music and tour outside of the TV show as well. Enjoy the video!

The Big Time Rush cast featured:

Kendall Schmidt

Kendall Knight is the group leader.

James Maslow

James Diamond is known for being the handsome one in the group.

Carlos Pena Jr.

The crazy and wild Carlos Garcia.

Logan Henderson

Logan Mitchell is the smart member of the group.

Ciara Bravo

The younger sister of Kendall, Katie Knight.

Stephen Kramer Glickman

Gustavo Rocque, the hot-tempered manager of the group.

Tanya Chisholm

The assistant of Gustavo, Kelly Wainwright.

Katelyn Tarver

Jo Taylor is the singer-actress girlfriend of Kendall.

Challen Cates

Jennifer Knight, mother of Kendall and Katie.

Erin Sanders

Camille Roberts, Logan’s Girlfriend.

Malese Jow

Lucy Stone, a punk rocker who ends up dating James.

David Anthony Higgins

Reginald Bitters, the manager of the Palm Woods and Katie’s nemesis

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